TTC book 2, new WIP, & other updates

Hello friends! 

If I've learned anything from this blog, it's that I'm terrible at keeping up with it. I'm pretty sure I spend 99% of my time between my day job and writing. What can I say? I live an exciting life. 

I thought I would make a small post since I've been somewhat quiet on social media lately. I can't reveal much about "The Traitor's Crux" yet, but I can tell you that some super exciting things are coming your way here in a few months. 

Here are some things I've been up to lately: 

1. Writing book 2 in "The Traitor's Crux" series! WOOT! And, as of yesterday (February 3rd), book 2 is officially in the revision process (i.e. a writer's personal hell). I still have a few months left of work on it, but it's super exciting to see it pulling together. Maybe soon the title will be revealed ;) 

2. I had a weird thought the other day. Even though I'm still writing book 2, it really hit that the TTC series is nearly complete. My main goal was to finish books 2 and 3 this year, but a part of me still hopes to at least begin a new project. I've been throwing around some ideas for a while and finally began plotting out some ideas for a new YA Fantasy series. As of right now, it's last in line to be written, but it's something I hope to get started on soon! ;) 

3. I started an official tumblr! Disclaimer: I had a tumblr when I was a teenager but hardly used it. I'm not sure that I have high hopes for this one- but be sure to give me a follow (and maybe lessons in how to properly be a tumblr-savvy millennial):

4. You can find my TTC 1 and 2 playlists on spotify! Find them here to take a listen. 

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