2017, A Year in Review



The year is winding down and I haven’t posted on the blog in quite some time. 2017 has been a mixture of ups and downs, big changes and challenges. So many things have happened (mostly good), and I owe it to everyone at Oftomes Publishing, my friends, co-workers, family… the list goes on and on.

At one of my recent book signings, someone asked me what it felt like now to be a published author. This little project of mine has succeeded in taking me out of my comfort zone, in helping me grow as a young person who has no clue what the hell I’m actually doing. I moved back in with my parents again last year for a few different reasons, like being able to drop the third job I’d been working in order to write and to pay off the dreaded college loans. My parents are so incredible and supportive, but the move took a bit of a toll. This is a small town where everyone grew up knowing one another. Before I had my roommates, but they’d moved off, and finding friends is something that hasn’t come easily. I had my bouts of depression and severe loneliness, but also those moments of excitement and adventure, of finally growing into myself. 

I wish I knew the answers about adulthood and careers, about writing, even, but I still feel so completely inexperienced with it all. The fact that I’m a published writer is completely astounding to me- there’s a lot of pinching involved. This year, I think I’ve learned more about who I am, and accepted the parts of myself that were always a little difficult to love. I like to think that I’ve grown, both as a writer and a person, all because of the people in my life, and the experiences I’ve been blessed enough to have. 2018 is on the horizon, and I trust that great things await.


In 2017, I:

-       Debuted my first book with Oftomes Publishing!

-       Laughed at my own jokes with cringe-worthy intensity

-       Spent too much time in the mountains, but it’s really never enough

-       Went to Sundance Film Festival and froze my butt off

-       Had my first book event(s)!

-       Fought with the sequel to Traitor’s

-       Talked too much to whoever would listen about how potatoes are the most perfect food

-       Hit the best-seller’s list on Amazon!

-       Made new friends in the literary world and actually had people read/enjoy my book. WHAT. 

-       Went to the city, skipped the malls and spent entirely too long in the bookstore instead

-       Blow-dried my hair a total of five times in a year. New record for this lazy author!

-       Bought a rug because I really liked it and then realized I had no place to put it

-       Started two new book ideas (NOT in the TTC series)

-       Considered stealing my Uncle’s dogs

-       Bought a baby-poop-colored sweater after complaining about said color to anyone that would listen

-       Stubbornly ate so much cheese, even though I’m lactose intolerant and it makes me so sick. Priorities, am I right?

-       Re-read some old favorite books, just for the sake of it

-       Asked for pens and socks for Christmas, because, adulthood

-       Drank ridiculous amounts of coffee 


So thank you, again, to everyone that's supported this book and this dream, to everyone that's made this year so wonderful. I love and appreciate you all. Here's to a new year!